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Dear Mary: My husband has shaved his head for a newspaper feature | The Spectator husband shaved head

A man has appeared in court accused of attacking his wife, stripping her naked and beating her with a pole before shaving her head, after she.

A Pakistani woman who claims her husband beat her and shaved her head because she refused to dance for his friends has demanded 'full.

After growing her dreadlocks for two decades, Dawne Kirkwood decided she was ready for a change —but she wasn’t too sure how her husband would react to her new look. In a sweet video shared on Twitter, Kirkwood is shown inching around a corner in her home as she prepares to unveil.

Kirkwood opted to shave her head entirely. But though she was happy with the results, she wasn't exactly sure how her husband would react.

A2A Yes I have seen this. Back in college my ex was in serious trouble for his attendance. Being a good looking chap he loved his hair but we decided that.