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Love Handles - Episode 5 - Crazy-Sexy-Crazy (ONX) - video dailymotion love handles sexy

Turns out, men like love handles, extra padding and everything else you hate about your body. What guys find sexy goes a lot deeper, but.

Love handles vary in size, to small, cute, and curvaceous; all the way to massive, obese, and covered "A girl with love handles around the waist is very sexy.".

It's time to ditch your pyramid-shaped T-shirts and face the facts: Your love handles could be killing you. Mayo Clinic researchers have now discovered.

Not big and chunky but just a bit above a thin build. So you never know, you may be turning on a guy wtih that little bit of love handles you have there. I wouldn't.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, love handles are "deposits of excess That may not be the sexiest definition in the world, but we have.