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8 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Anal Sex disgusted anal

Anal sex is fucking disgusting. That's my opinion, and I imagine it's pretty unpopular because a lot of people in my own life disagree with me on it. I'm not gonna.

Australian victims of faulty pelvic mesh implants have expressed disgust at doctors' suggestions of anal intercourse as a solution to their ruined.

This is why many people find anal sex disgusting, even though it generally isn't dirty (and come on - we defecate thousands of times in our lives.

Some even use that as an 'evidence' to 'prove' that you should not have anal sex. Well, the penis is for peeing though. Why is anal sex disgusting but vaginal is.

For many men, anal sex brings mixed emotions. For some, it's highly sought after and unattainable. For others, it's not that big of a deal.