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Self Loading Rifle L1A1: The European “Black Rifle” l1a1 field strip

Trying out the new camera. It's a bit grainy but since this is the first video I've done with it I am still learning it. L1A1 field strip video. I can do a w.

Just Fieldstrip is a brand new HD series with all the fieldstrips of all the guns. The biggest database of weapon fieldstrips, in HD quality and professionally. Century Arms.308 R1A1 FN FAL Battle Rifle Junk??.

The FN FAL is perhaps the most famous battle rifle of all time, and served with distinction all around the world during the 20th century. Pity that smaller 5.56 caliber rifles have phased the gun out in military use, and civilians don't seem to gravitate towards them as much.

Remove the magazine and pull the operating handle to the rear to clear the weapon of any ammunition. Pull the trigger and click the gun to let the bolt go.

Hi, I have just got my hands on an old spec L1A1, can anyone explain how to field strip it Many thanks Shaun.