Regex was taking 5 days to run. So I built a tool that did it in 15 minutes. - using regex strip word


Solved: How to use RegEx to remove text in a string and re... - Alteryx Community using regex strip word

You can remove using this regex and replace by |. a backspace symbol, not a word boundary) to replace with | and then join the string back.

Using regular Expression i am trying to remove one word "Other" It would be ideal if i could remove word "Other" both in the front or at the.

You don't nee Regex for such as requirement, you can use String. 'Rubular. com' is an helper tool to help you build a RegEx, nothing else.

Now the previous regex expression matches a string with any length and . To remove all the non-word characters, the \W pattern can be used.

Solved: I have a date field coming in from a csv file that stores the dates as '2013- 12-11T05:18:37.419+00:00' (V_WString type) and I need to.