Can You Save Money by Closing HVAC Vents in Unused Rooms? - wall vents top bottom


Return vents, winter summer? Which to open, which to close? wall vents top bottom

My return vents are high/low in the walls in various places. season: open top return grill dampers and close bottom return grill dampers on all.

So i've decided to do this but i'm not sure if the vents should be on the top of the wall or on the bottom. Also what wall should it go on? the wall.

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He installed the return air vents in the wall cavity,but they are only 1 He claims that this method pulls the heat down from the ceiling and warms the room. For the best mixing, however, return grilles should be located as far.

The air vents are square shaped and on the walls in my living room help push the hot air from the bottom to the top faster that a ceiling vent.