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it's hard not to get a little inspired and excited for summer by peeking the best bikini bodies on Instagram. It's not just celebrities who are attracting hundreds of .

This photogallery lists out 50 celebrities with the best bikini bodies across the world. From Indias own Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra to.

We’re used to seeing celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet in designer dresses and gowns, but stars also know a thing or two about rocking some seriously sexy and chic swimsuit styles. Keep scrolling for the hottest celeb swim moments of the year! Claiming her husband.

On the very first Bikinipedia I said that you have the Encyclopedia and Wikipedia to look up information on just about anything, but where does a guy got to go.

Parody Instagram accounts roasted this seat-belt style bikini top earlier this month, and women the world over lost their minds when they saw.