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Chick fil A does have nice nuggets, but McDonald's nuggets will I'm more a chicken sandwich fan than chicken nugget, but this caught my attention: Chicken nugget. der-strips.png.

but the chicken strips have 8g more protein, 430mg less sodium. das pepperjack cheese, fries, and an extra 12 piece chicken nugget. hnnng.

Last time I ate at Chick-Fil-A I noticed that the nuggets seemed tiny. A long time ago they used to have really small nuggets, they were not even nuggets more like 1/4 bites. you I'd put it on the regular Chick-Fil-A sandwich or use it as strips.

This would depend on your taste preference. The strips are actually marinade in a deiffrent marinade than the nuggets and fillets. The marinade used on the.

Get a 5 lb dino shape chicken nuggets from Costco. Chick-Fil-A like my nephew. always has to eat chicken nuggets/strips wherever we go.