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Richard Turpin was an English highwayman whose exploits were romanticised following his execution in York for horse theft. Turpin may have followed his.

Dick Turpin (1705 - 7 April 1739) was an English highwayman. He made a lot of money through many criminal activities, such as poaching, burglary, horse theft.

Dick Turpin, byname of Richard Turpin, (baptized Sept. 25, 1705, Hempstead, Eng.—died April 7, 1739, Knavesmire, near York), English robber who became celebrated in legend and fiction. Son of an alehouse keeper, Turpin was apprenticed to a butcher, but, having been detected at.

Dick Turpin was born in 1706 in rural Essex, the son of John Turpin, a small farmer and some-time keeper of the Crown Inn. Some biographers say he was born.

But Dick Turpin was tried and executed in the city and his grave can be seen in Born in Essex, Turpin was a member of the violent Gregory Gang, becoming a.