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What Made This Woman's Tongue Turn Black and 'Hairy'? | Live Science hairy africn american women

A 55-year-old woman's tongue took on a black, "hairy" appearance after the woman was treated with antibiotics for an infection following a car accident. These bumps, called filiform papillae, unlike other kinds of papillae on the tongue, do not contain taste buds, according to the.

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Yes, there may be the anomalies of hairy black men and women but even those people generally don't get as hairy as I have seen white men.

From Badu to Lisa Bonet and Halsey and Willow Smith, plenty of Black women have embraced a natural look -- and not just on their heads.

Not Black women, especially, because, as they told me when I was "I cannot stand to see a woman who is dressed nicely with hairy legs.