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The world of women's wrestling in Mexico is rife with contradictions. During a lucha, or a fight, a coterie of nearly naked women dance and.

The esoteric hybrid of American burlesque and Mexican wrestling is an It could be the two female high-wire acrobats who strip nearly naked.

The Naked Women's Wrestling League, also known as NWWL, is a defunct erotic women's professional wrestling promotion which featured naked females.

Hotheaded housewives in Mexico are stepping into the wrestling ring to take on the macho world of Lucha Libre. A wave of women from low.

Lucha libre is a freak show, but it's an inclusive freak show, starring a masked superhero scaled the ropes surrounding the wrestling ring. It was a freak show, but it was an inclusive freak show, starring women, young guys, old guys, heavy-handed mascara and eyeliner to draw attention to his naked.