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Rachael Ray Sucks has MOVED! We're still alive and kicking at http://community. livejournal.com/b, also known as The Bored Board. Many of.

I'm genuinely curious - I've seen hate and general dislike for her all over the internet (not just Reddit). The few people I know who know of her in real life think .

The answer is the Rachael Ray Sucks Community. Gathering by way of the blogging and social-networking site LiveJournal, this group has.

Okay, I googled this community name to see whether it was coming up in search engines yet (it is). But as I scanned the hits, one was from lemming Madeline's.

Rachael Ray is a no-frills celebrity cook with an empire worth millions. Numerous websites and chat boards have been devoted exclusively to The most prominent, called Rachael Ray Sucks, even developed a huge fan.