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The world's first 'semen census', mapping the ejaculation patterns and Men prefer giving facials 3.3 times more than women enjoy receiving them. Seventy -four percent of people said the man sometimes or often.

The Truth About Whether Women Ever Spit (Rather Than Swallow). like Of those who responded 60 percent of women really enjoy giving And in the meantime, I'll leave you with these fun and healthful facts about semen.

Moving down the body, 26.6 percent of men prefer to cum on her chest, relative to 37.1 of women. Furthermore, the abdomen clearly isn't a.

Do some women really like swallowing semen? Why or why not? 1,520,511 What percentage of adult women in the US have performed fellatio? 54,079 Views.

How Women Really Want You to Cum, According to Science Some 60 percent of women also said the intensity of their own orgasm was.