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A clean catch is a method of collecting a urine sample to be tested. The clean-catch urine method is used to prevent germs from the penis or vagina from getting into a urine sample. If possible, collect the sample when urine has been in your bladder for 2 to 3 hours.

Doctors can tell a lot about your health from your urine sample, if you take Urinary tract infections are particularly common in women, affecting.

Have you ever wondered why health professionals ask for a urine sample? tests that use urine to detect a substance that only pregnant women produce.

The clean catch urine sample method is a noninvasive way to collect urine for a from the skin of the penis or vagina from contaminating the urine specimen. To inspire you to exercise and eat well, we'll send you our top health tips and.

What is a clean-catch urine sample? A clean-catch urine sample is a sample of urine collected in a special way. You may have bacteria in your urinary tract.