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What is the best way to remove VC-17 from the bottom of my J/105? You have a few options for removing your old bottom paint: chemical stripper, soda blasting or sanding. Barrier coats provide good protection against blistering and act as a primer between the gelcoat and bottom.

Here are the facts: Fibergalss hull Epoxy Primer VC-17 bottom paint We need to remove the VC-17 down to the primer. We have Hutchins.

A: You cannot put any paint over VC 17 except more VC 17. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy paint to remove. What remains after a vigorous power.

The fact is - VC-17 is a paint in a class by itself. It is a thin-film paint, and you can apply paint for dozens of years without the need to remove old paint buildup (as.

Remove mold release wax using one of the following Interlux products, Fiberglass Surface Prep. YMA601 or Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202.