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Solved: Migrate from Virgin to boost, phone and number - Virgin Mobile Community porting my phone number from virgin mobile to boost

Moving my Virgin Mobile Number to Boost Mobile. Answer 2. I am unable to get a port pin, as suggested, and my phone is not eligible for a migration. 1 Kudo.

to Boost from Virgin Mobile, but it's not clear if I can keep my phone number. To Open A Second Account With BoostMobile~I Ported My Number Over To.

They told me if I gave them a phone number they could call me and figure out how to port my number from VirginMobile to BoostMobile.

I just purchased a used Boost Mobile LG G2 off ebay. After only a few minutes they had switched things over and my boost phone fully Virgin can port the number with any of these as long as your boost account is active.

Switching to Boost Mobile for your next cell phone plan is easy—you'll just need a few things to Boost Mobile will complete the number porting process for you.